Kids and the Metaverse

Kids and the Metaverse : What Parents Should Know 2023

Meta, the company behind the Quest headset, has changed the age requirement for its users. Now, even younger children can have their own accounts and enter the metaverse. The minimum age to use the virtual reality headset has been lowered from 13 to 10 years old. But with this change, there are important things for parents to consider.

Meta’s decision to lower the age requirement for Quest headsets has made some parents excited and others concerned. Younger kids can now explore a virtual world with endless possibilities and immersive experiences. But there are also some risks, like exposure to inappropriate content or social isolation. Parents should understand the metaverse’s impacts before letting their kids use it.

In this article, we will explore young children’s good and bad sides using the metaverse. Let’s dive into the metaverse and see how it affects our youngest generation. Read on to discover valuable information for parents and ensure the well-being of your kids in this digital landscape.

Downsides of Young Children Using the Metaverse

While the metaverse is exciting, we need to think about the possible downsides for young children. Safety is a big concern in this new virtual world. Some kids have seen things that are not appropriate for their age or have been targeted by cyberbullying. To protect children from these dangers, parents need to make sure safety measures are in place and guide them.

There are also worries about how the metaverse could affect a child’s development. Some experts think spending too much time in virtual reality might hurt their socializing ability. Parents need to find a balance between the metaverse and other activities to help their children grow in a healthy way.

Parents may also be concerned about the metaverse taking away from their child’s education. While the metaverse can be a great place to learn, there’s a risk of kids getting too caught up in it and neglecting their schoolwork. It is important for parents to make sure their children use the metaverse responsibly and focus on their education.

How the Metaverse Can Be Safe and Educational for Kids

Even though there are risks, the metaverse can still be a safe and educational space for young children. Meta has added features that let parents control what their kids can do in the metaverse. Parents can block inappropriate content and keep an eye on their child’s virtual experiences. This gives parents peace of mind and helps ensure their child’s safety.

The metaverse also offers many educational opportunities. Some apps and games designed for different ages can help kids learn and be creative. Children can develop important social skills and expand their knowledge by exploring new virtual worlds and engaging with educational content.

How Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe in the Metaverse

As children start their metaverse journey, parents need to play an active role in keeping them safe. Here are some strategies parents can use:

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Talk to their kids about the metaverse

Parents need to have open conversations with their kids about the metaverse. They should discuss both the exciting possibilities and the potential risks. By teaching kids about responsible online behavior and helping them understand the impact of the metaverse, parents empower their children to make smart choices.

Set rules

To ensure a healthy and balanced metaverse experience for their children, parents need to establish clear rules. These rules help guide children as they navigate the virtual world. Parents should decide how much time their child can spend in the metaverse each day or week. They should consider the child’s age and other commitments, making sure there’s enough time for other activities.

Parents should also learn about the metaverse apps and platforms that are suitable for their child’s age. They can check content ratings, read reviews from other users, and do some research to ensure the virtual experiences. It is important for parents to talk to their child about privacy and responsible behavior in the metaverse. They should teach their child to be careful about sharing personal information and explain the potential risks.

Monitor their children’s use

Parents should monitor what their children are doing in the metaverse. Parents can identify issues or concerns and guide others by being involved and aware. They can check the content their children engage with and who they interact with and ensure they follow the established rules.

Parents can also use the parental control features provided by Meta and other Metaverse platforms. These controls allow parents to restrict and monitor their child’s metaverse activities.


Meta’s change to the age requirement for Quest headset users opens up new possibilities for young children in the metaverse. While safety and educational concerns exist, there are steps parents can take to reduce the risks. The metaverse can be a safe and educational space for young users by using parental controls and focusing on age-appropriate content.

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